About Me

Teaching or Journalism was the vocation Angela aspired to pursue dating back to her fourth grade year in elementary school.  She had a desire to make a positive difference in others’ lives and believed it could be accomplished through and by the spoken and written word of literature. A lover of English Composition, she planned to attend college to pursue a degree in Education or Written Communication.  However, her plans changed shortly after graduation when her stepmother and father separated. Instead of going to college, she joined the United States Air Force, with hopes to achieve her higher education goals while serving on active duty.  For eleven years, Angela served her country with honor and made grave sacrifices, being away from her family.  Realizing the toll her career was having on her family, she made the tough decision to separate from the Air Force.  However, before doing so, she did achieve her educational goal. She attained her bachelor’s degree.  Having developed different interest, she did not pursue Education or Journalism, but Business Management.  Yet, her desire to teach and reach others through writing never waned.  Angela Palmer

After separating the military, Angela suffered a major crisis in her life, which prompted her to pick up the pen to journal her thoughts, her emotions, and her heart.  What resulted was a therapeutic awakening that spoke clearly her assignment to share encouragement to the world with a message of meaning through her God-given gift to write.  Her journaling, turned into a love for reading.  The more she read, the more she desired to write.  Before long, that passion resulted in her applying and being accepted into Longridge Writer’s Group.  For two years, she created various works of short fiction, articles for different magazines, and penned numerous poetry pieces. In 2006, she was honored to have one of her poems published in the yearly edition of “Timeless Voices” –a book published by The International Library of Poetry. 

As time often brings about change, Angela’s life was not excluded.  After receiving her literary writing certificate from Longridge, she kept writing, but did not actively seek to have any of her stories published, feeling her family obligations were more important.  Though convictions would surface as she listened to numerous sermons about using our gifts and talents, several years would pass before she would answer the call to do what God purposed her to do–to write!  With the support of her family and friends, Angela hung up her apron of excuses and decided to entrust God with her gift…His present!  Driven by her desire to impart encouragement and hope to her readers, she acknowledges that any God-given gift should be used to edify and influence the lives of others. Her writing is inspired by her love to see relationships flourish and prosper as God intended.

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